News: Report assesses resilience strategies

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A new report evaluates resilience strategies for the food systems of eight different countries in the temperate zone.

The TempAg Resilience Report 2021 is the result of an analysis of resilience strategies across a number of OECD countries included in the TempAg network: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

The research team – Madeleine Diment, Dr Saher Hasnain, and Dr John Ingram – summarised the approach and main recommendations of the resilience strategies, the study employed two methods for each of the countries: a review of web-based literature, and a survey of selected individuals from across the food system.

About the TempAg network

Through its activities, TempAg enables policy makers, funding bodies, scientists, and other decision makers, to align national and transnational research agendas to allow innovations and policy interventions for sustainable agriculture in temperate zones. The network currently consists of 10 member countries, however, other countries are encouraged to join TempAg.




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