POSTnote: A resilient UK food system

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This POSTNote defines resilience and why it is needed in the food system, describes what a more resilient UK food system would look like and explores possible ways of achieving this.

11 June 2020

Contributors to this POSTnote include John Ingram from the Programme coordination team and Bob Doherty, PI for IKnowFood.

  • A resilient food system would be robust, able to recover quickly after any disruption and reorient towards more sustainable outcomes.
  • Many shocks and stresses threaten the food system, including environmental change, public health crises and political disputes. Some of these threats are increasing.
  • There are many possible ways to achieve a more ‘ideal’ food system that is resilient, agile, sustainable and benefits society.
  • Coordinated actions at all levels of the food system will be needed to achieve this. Policy frameworks could promote collaboration between different actors and improve the monitoring of progress towards resilience.
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