News: National approaches to food system resilience in the spotlight

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Commonalities and differences in national approaches to food system resilience will be highlighted at the GFS-FSR Programme’s Food System Resilience Conference.

Support from the OECD Co-operative Research Programme: Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems (CRP) will allow leading scientists from 13 other OECD countries to participate.

The Conference, which will bring together individuals working in food systems policy, practice and research, marks the end of the 5-year GFS-FSR Programme. Food systems researchers from Australia, New Zealand and other OECD countries in north and south America and Europe will critique the UK Programme’s work and add insights from their own national perspectives; they will also share national innovations in food system resilience.

“This is a chance for the Programme to highlight its advances in how to enhance food system resilience before a range of experts from around the world and get feedback from different perspectives,” said Co-ordination team Lead Dr John Ingram.

“The CRP funding will bring excellent researchers to our final conference and enhance our combined understanding of food system resilience in practice. It is a chance to share insights and hear about successful policy approaches in other nations’ food systems, and network across OECD CRP member countries. For UK researchers, policymakers and practitioners, there is great value in learning about other national approaches to food systems resilience.”

The OECD CRP exists to strengthen scientific knowledge and provide relevant scientific information and advice that will inform future policy decisions related to the sustainable use of natural resources in the areas of agriculture, food, fisheries and forests.

The CRP Secretariat said: “The resilience of food systems is an important issue for the OECD Committee for Agriculture and the CRP is very pleased to support this conference as a pivot for the scientific-policy discussion.”

Read more about the final Programme conference.

This post has been amended to reflect that due to Covid guidelines, the final event was postponed until 5-6 April 2022.

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